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Boundary Surveys
Performing boundary surveys on parcels ranging in size from small house lots to tracts of several thousand acres.

Control Surveys
Utilization of our in-house dual frequency G.P.S equipment enables us to perform larger or small control surveys per a client's individual accuracy requirements.

Topographic Surveys
Providing developers, engineers and architects with the information they need to produce a successful design. We have performed surveys ranging in size from small house lots to complete surveys of large industrial and institutional sites.

Deformation Surveys
Providing site movement/monitoring services on buildings, dams, pipelines, and slopes.

Digital Mapping
Using industry standard CAD (Auto CAD) programs and state of the art graphics and mapping software we can tailor our deliverables to meet a clients individual specifications.

Construction Layout
All types of structures and site improvements.

Geographic Information Systems
Attribute data collection utilizing G.P.S. technology per the client's accuracy requirements.

F.E.M.A Elevation Certificates
As required by lenders and insurance companies for property located in designated flood zones.

Mortgage Surveys
As required by lenders and title insurance companies for residential and commercial sites.

As required by lenders and title insurance companies for larger commercial projects.

Ranging in size from simple lot splits to large commercial sites of over two thousand acres with hundreds of lots and miles of new highways.

Route Surveying
Surveying and mapping services for new roads, power lines, pipelines, fiber optic cable routes, sewer lines and water lines.

Court Testimony
Providing expert witness services in court cases involving real property.